FOR RELEASE December 8, 2020

Contact: Abbie Thiebaut

Email: abbie.thiebaut@lastingchangeinc.or

Lifeline Youth and Family Services Spreads Christmas Cheer to More Than 200 Children with Project Wish List

[FORT WAYNE, IN] – December 7, 2020 – Lifeline Youth & Family Services recently collected Christmas presents to give over 200 children in a low-income apartment complex in Fort Wayne. This annual event is called Project Wish List and is held in the Brookmill Court community, home to Lifeline’s Building Blocks Preschool. 

Like everything else this year, the event has been modified to put safety at the forefront. Instead of gathering for cookies, and crafts, while gifts are distributed, Santa’s helpers will deliver personally-selected gifts to each family’s door on December 10th at 2:00 PM. 

Parents were able to fill out wishlists, outlining their child(ren)’s specific needs. Then, thanks to the Chapel, their congregation, individual donors and members of the Lifeline Board of Directors—people could shop for specific gifts to help bring these children a unique experience. It is the personal, individualized experience that these children are receiving that makes such a large impact. 

It’s not just children who will be receiving gifts this year. Some families in need were chosen to receive gifts, as a whole. These families received some household items along with other gifts to help provide a higher quality of life. Bernice Bush, Director of Project Incentive at Lifeline Youth & Family Services stated, “with the effects of the pandemic, these children have had a really hard year. It’s much harder to interact and help these families in a safe way. But, one way we can make them feel loved this holiday season is to make sure they receive a special gift they have been hoping for all year. It is with this personal touch, and ongoing care and support, that we strive to change hearts and bring hope to these families in need.” 


About Lifeline Youth & Family Services 

Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Inc. was founded in 1968 when a small group of business leaders felt compelled to do something to help kids in trouble who desperately needed a safe and loving home. Now 50 years later, Lifeline brings hope to youth and families who have become involved in the legal system through in-home therapy and counseling, preventative education and even residential care. 

About Project Incentive 

Lifeline’s Project Incentive serves children and families who are living in Brookmill Court Apartments, a low-income housing community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The children in this community are at risk for lower educational achievement, participation in delinquent or risk-related activities and growing up to live in poverty as adults. Project Incentive’s goal is to intervene early, preventing such things from occurring as they grow older. By giving them a consistent, quality education, preschool-aged children are equipped with strong social skills, the tools to make healthy choices and good learning habits in an effort to break the cycle of poverty that is so prevalent in this community. Learn more at