Solutions for Families in Need

Competent & Caring People Doing Therapy & Helping Families In All 92 Indiana Counties

It's Time to Break the Cycle

Families in need deserve solutions that equip them to tackle their problems head on. We help families through our different programs.

Adoption & Guardianship Support Services

Lifeline offers a continuum of care for foster, adoption, kinship, and guardianship families.

Home Based Services

Lifeline offers family casework, family therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid services, and parent education.

Family Preservation Services

Through home-based services, we offer specific evidence-based practices for families through the Family Preservation Model.

Project Incentive

Lifeline's community outreach at Brookmill Apartments helps families become stronger and more independent.

Families Overcome Abuse Neglect Brokenness Difficulty

Lifeline works with state agencies to help families overcome difficult situations.

A wide variety of evidence-based solutions for families.

Local staff to care for families in every community in Indiana.

Individually-focused solutions for people in need.

Let's Work Together

We are your neighbors, working to make life better for families in need.


Dedicated People living and working in every Indiana county

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Positive Outcome Rate


Client-Facing Hours per Week

When a Family Needs Help

Lifeline receives a referral from a family advocate.

The lifeline team works directly with the family and offers a variety of evidence-based practices to serve their needs while caring about them individually.

Families get the tools and resources to thrive – breaking cycles and contributing to their communities.

When Lifeline Gets a Referral

Individuals Succeed

Lifeline provides the support that the individual needs and create a customized plan to help them get back on track.

Families Thrive

While cases often involve a single individual, Lifeline strives to support the whole family and equip them to support one another.

Communities Prosper

Healthier individuals and families lead to healthier communities. Cycles are broken, families get out of the system, and more healthy families contribute to the local community.

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