Family Preservation Services

One place for families to get help – so they can stay together.

Lifeline is Proud

to be a part of Indiana's Family Preservation Services (FPS)

We are proud to be one of the first approved providers in the FPS program. With this program, we provide a full array of services aimed at keeping children in the home with caregivers when it is safe to do so—minimizing separation-induced trauma. With a single-provider system, families receive holistic care under one treatment team, and Family Case Managers (FCMs) receive a streamlined, easier process.

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As the largest FPS provider in the state, Lifeline is a valuable resource for FCMs. Explore more about our services and get additional information about the program below.


We’re committed to contacting families within 24 hours of referral


We handle ~ 3,500 referrals per week


We Operate locations in every region in the state of Indiana


We have case workers available in each county


  • Standard contact time within 24 hours of an approved referral
  • Less waiting time for families to get the help they need
  • Peace of mind for the busy FCM, knowing their cases ar removing forward


  • Lifeline representatives in each of the 18 Department of Child Services regions
  • 15 regional offices across indiana
  • Case workers serving 92 counties
  • Uninterrupted services for family members living in different regions
  • Seamless, in-network transfers for families moving in-state.
  • Simplified work for FCMs by eliminating the need to move families to a new


  • Efficient and effective process teams trained in the FPS program since its inception
  • More than 3,500 weekly referrals serving the gamut of potential situation, from substance abuse to employment, anger management, and parenting skills
  • Staff members trained in multiple evidence-based practices with positive outcomes makes managing unique cases and finding reliable information easier for FCMs

To make things even easier for FCMs, we provide weekly updates of our availability in each region. Contact your local regional manager for up to date information.

How the FPS Process Works

To help you easily keep track of the FPS process, we made this graphic printable!

Services We Provide

Impactful solutions for families

Assessments & Customized Treatment Plans

Lifeline can provide up to four assessments and custom care and treatment plans to meet each family's needs.

A Wide Variety of Evidence-Based Practices

Lifeline has the resources and experience to help with: substance abuse, anger management, family functioning, coping skills, parenting skills, trauma, depression, motivation, and engagement.

Safety & Support

Lifeline is available for 24/7 crisis intervention and conducts standardized safety checks each week.

Concrete Assistance

Lifeline makes it a priority to connect families with community resources and to teach families about the availability and eligibility of these programs.


We view our work with the Department of Child Services as a partnership. We’re all on the same team helping families in need. This is why we’re constantly looking for ways to make our services better—including for you. To do that, we regularly conduct follow-up surveys with FCMs to improve the way we do things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about FPS

The initial assessment will be a comprehensive evaluation of all pertinent members of the family as well as the general household situation (housing, etc.). It will be accompanied by a safety plan that will detail actionable items and priorities. Evidence-based interventions will be listed and explained. Weekly updates will include a report about the in-home visit(s). Monthly reports will give status updates and claims submissions. Additionally, our case workers are in constant contact with the FCMs to give additional information before court hearings or to let them know if there’s been difficulty making connections with the family.

The goal of Family Preservation Services is to have one provider for each family. Lifeline was awarded a contract under the program because we’re able to provide comprehensive services. Of course, at times families have needs that lie outside the purview of FPS, such as detoxification programs and human trafficking intervention. When we cannot provide these services, we’ll work with DCS and the FCM to get the family any necessary help.

Absolutely! Our goal is to keep everyone involved in the case on the same page, including the family, the referral source, external support.

Yes. We are willing to staff any case. Please call your regional office for details. Contact us here.

The statute refers to these cases as “family preservation” rather than reunification. Additionally, if a family is on TTV, then they’ve demonstrated enough progress to the courts to qualify for it. DCS would not want to disrupt that by throwing them into a new program. However, there are limited TTV cases where FPS could be beneficial and a referral could be made.

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