About Lifeline Youth & Family Services

Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

What We Do

Lifeline is a faith based organization that was created to bring hope to families and youth who have become involved in the legal system through home-based services, court-ordered therapy, preventative education, and residential care. We help individuals and families rediscover solutions that will allow them to reclaim control, rebuild relationships, and restore hope.

Why we exist

To see individuals succeed, families thrive, and communities prosper. 

our mission

Changing hearts and bringing hope to individuals, families, and communities.

our vision

To be the national leader in restoring individuals, families, and communities.

Our Experience

Lifeline has been serving families for more than 52 years.

Lifeline Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

In two words, Lifeline is about “lasting change.” To create lasting change there must be more than just a change in behavior; there has to be a change in heart, attitudes, thinking, values, and beliefs. Through our continuum of care, we equip children and families to make the changes necessary for them to succeed in life. At Lifeline our mission statement is “changing hearts and bringing hope to a generation at risk”—not just for a time, but for a lifetime.

​Until recently, our focus was concentrated on the families who needed us the most. We worked to make sure that our services were known to and available to Child Protective Services, Probation Departments, and other local agencies. However, as we’ve grown, so has our need to ask individuals and organizations within the community to partner with us, whether through time, promotion, or financial resources. We’re being more vocal about who we are and what we’re doing in the community so that people can make informed decisions about their involvement with us. We have also recently begun helping everyday families not yet involved in the court system work through struggles they are facing through a sister agency with family counseling and teen residential treatment services. Learn more about these services.

​Lifeline is a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to helping the most vulnerable and at-risk clients. Families and children receiving our services usually come to us through referring agencies such as county Probation Offices, Division of Child Services or Department of Corrections.  A limited number of families and children come to us through private placements. To make a referral please contact Deb Johnson at djohnson@lifelineyouth.org.

Lifeline serves thousands of people a with a variety of needs, including families and children who are a risk for abuse, neglect, or participation in risk-related behaviors. While in most cases we work with children and families in their own home, sometimes a child may need a place to stay—either for their own protection or so that they can have the concentrated attention they need to address the issues facing them. In these cases, Lifeline offers residential group homes and independent living services to prepare them to reunite with their family or to gain successful independence from the social welfare system.

The majority of our funding is generated through contracted fees for services. However, given our commitment to client results, there are specific services we provide that exceed State expectations and fees. These above-and-beyond needs of our organization are met through foundation grants, individual and corporate contributions, and fundraising events.

Lifeline has over 600 employees.

Yes. Not only does Lifeline accept out-of-state residential placements, but we also offer home-based services in Ohio and Michigan. In addition, Lifeline has a sister agency, Crosswinds that successfully works with privately referred families throughout the United States. Learn more about these services for privately referred families.

Our costs vary by program. Contact Deb Johnson at djohnson@lifelineyouth.org for current rates of services and payment options.

Lifeline has a sister agency called Crosswinds, which has a variety of services for families seeking help prior to court involvement. Crosswinds provides both In-Home Family Counseling and teen residential therapy at their Caribbean Mountain Academy facility. Learn more to see if their services are a good fit for your family’s needs.