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Home-Based Services

A wide-variety of evidence-based practices to serve families in need.

Featuring: Family Preservation Services

Lifeline was an early adopter to the family-preservation model and continues to set the standard in care.

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Fast Response Times

At Lifeline, we know that every second counts when a family needs help. We always respond to referral requests within 24 hours.

State-Wide Service

As the largest Home-based service provider in the state, we have representatives in every county and can serve a variety of needs.

Detailed documentation

We know the details are important. We take care to ensure that our documentation is thorough and clear so you have it when you need it.

Positive Outcomes

Our programs offer industry-leading success rates in each of our areas of service.

50+ Years of Experience

We have been serving court-ordered cases since 1968. We know what it takes to make a lasting change for families in need.

24/7 Availability

We have emergency on-call representatives to handle any urgent needs that a family in our care might need.

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