Spencer Home

Independent Living | Phase II


Lifeline’s Residential Services at Spencer Home are provided for youth who are approaching emancipation. 


Phase II provides apartment-style living for residents who are ready to test their independent living skills in a safe and structured environment. While at Spencer Home, individuals can obtain employment in the community and position themselves for future success.


Spencer Home is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Independent Living | Phase II

  • Residents live in apartment-style rooms with kitchenettes
  • Residents learn to use public transportation
  • Residents acquire jobs in the community
  • Residents learn independence through practical applications such as cooking and cleaning
  • Residents learn responsibility by earning money and paying bills
  • Residents finish their education through Fort Wayne Community Schools or APEX self-paced curriculum


Pierceton Woods Academy

If you are looking for a program for your family or teen not involved with the legal system, please visit the website of our sister organization, Crosswinds. Crosswinds provides family counseling and a teen residential counseling program to everyday families struggling with serious issues.