Pierceton Woods Academy


Lifeline’s residential campus, Pierceton Woods Academy, provides programs for boys ages 10 to 21 who have been removed from their homes and placed with Lifeline through agencies such as the Department of Corrections, Department of Child Services, or Probation.


On-site facilities include
an alternative school, counseling center, dorms, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor ropes courses, gymnasium, athletic fields, and a chapel. The campus also provides a vocational program that includes wood working, mechanics, and horticulture to teach work ethic, confidence, and leadership that can change the course of these young men’s lives.


Nestled between South Bend and Fort Wayne, the 94-acre campus rests in a peaceful, wooded setting.

Sexual Health and Relapse Prevention (SHARP)

This Sex Offender and Relapse Prevention Program (SHARP) works with male youth with sexually harmful behaviors. This 5-stage program is designed to provide treatment for youth ages 10 – 21 and relapse prevention treatment for youth who have completed initial offender treatment and are ready to prepare for the next step oftheir life.

Alternative School

Pierceton Woods Academy operates an on-campus, year-round school that provides a complete academic program. Residents receive a combination of self-paced online curriculum and experiential learning taught by licensed teachers and specialized instructors. This allows residents an opportunity to recover lost credits and earn a Core 40 diploma or GED. We are a Freeway Accredited School through the Indiana Department of Education.

Independent Living | Phase 1

This Boys’ Independent Living program is available for males ages 15 to 21 who are in need of a structured environment to help them move quickly toward independence. Residents work intensely on building a foundation of independence by learning and practicing independent living skills, social skills, and employment skills.

Spencer Home

Independent Living | Phase 2

If you are looking for a program for your family or teen not involved with the legal system, please visit the website of our sister organization, Crosswinds. Crosswinds provides family counseling and a teen residential counseling program to everyday families struggling with serious issues.