Residential Programs

Holistic Solutions for Troubled Teens

Finding the right help for your troubled teen can be challenging.

With our proven residential programs, you can stop searching. In 2019, 92% of students in our Independent Living programs, at either Pierceton Woods Academy or Spencer Home, were employed upon program completion. Set your teen up for success with our residential programs today.

Pierceton Woods Academy

Lifeline’s residential campus, Pierceton Woods Academy, provides programs for boys ages 10 to 21 who have been removed from their homes and placed with Lifeline through agencies such as the Department of Corrections, Department of Child Services, or Probation.

Spencer Home

Lifeline’s Spencer Home is a place where youth who are approaching emancipation have a safe, structured environment to practice independent living skills, obtain employment in the community and position themselves for future success.

Please email residential referrals to Deb Johnson at

Other Lifeline Programs

If you are looking for a program for your family or teen not involved with the legal system, please visit the website of our sister organization, Crosswinds. Crosswinds provides family counseling and a teen residential counseling program to everyday families struggling with serious issues.