Project Incentive

A Program dedicated to serving families in the Brookmill Court Community

Committed to Great Beginnings

Project Incentive is a program of Lifeline Youth and Family Services that takes place at the Brookmill Court Apartment complex.

Students in this program are provided with a consistent education which translates to stronger social skills, access to the tools to make healthy choices, and good learning habits—breaking the cycle of poverty that’s prevalent in this area. 

In this program we address the needs of families as a whole, providing them support, counseling, and education to strengthen themselves and their future. 

We are able to have such a significant impact at Brookmill Court Apartments because we are a part of this community. Our staff offices and program operations occur right on these grounds, in the community building.

Program Components

Building Blocks Preschool

This free-of-charge preschool operates five days per week, with weekly lesson plans and activities centered on specific educational themes.  Through one-on-one teaching time, teachers are able to give special attention to problem areas or areas of strength.  In addition to academic knowledge, the children in the program are learning concepts that can’t be taught by words, but rather by experience, modeling, and consistency, such as solving problems, working hard to achieve a goal, and making healthy choices.

Parent Outreach

Project Incentive’s services also include regular, intentional outreach to parents—many of whom are single parents. Through partnerships with the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, monthly peer meetings called “Empowering Women Now” are occurring where women receive educational tools, support, and encouragement from others within the community.

home-based services

This program is available on a voluntary basis to families who are in need of more concentrated attention and help. Trained staff, including Masters-level Therapists as needed, address areas such as communication, anger management, responsible thinking, parenting skills, setting boundaries, effective / age appropriate discipline, substance use/abuse, and life skills.  Case management and therapy to address these objectives are then provided as needed through weekly in-home visits, allowing families to receive confidential, discreet help in the privacy of their own home.

Parent Testimonials

“My children have learned a great deal academically and socially … my daughter started Kindergarten and is above average in many subjects. My son also has come a long way as far as education and behavior. It’s something I will recommend to others.”
“My daughter’s vocabulary has expanded very well. Sometimes she says words I can’t believe! Her social skills have broadened since she has attended the school … this preschool fits by daughter’s personality and social skills quite well.”
“Academically, my son and daughter learned fundamentals to build on. It was easy for those academics to be reinforced at home. Socially, I appreciated that the staff kept an eye on emotional struggles as well as progresses …”
“All the staff are so happy and seem to REALLY enjoy their job. Working with children can be challenging, but Mrs. Boone [Lead Teacher] handles everything with grace, care, discretion and bubbles with joy when interacting with the children.”
“Lifeline gives my daughter courage and discipline for future schooling. It has helped her to mature and prepare for Kindergarten. I love that she has homework to practice writing and coloring inside the lines every day. Lifeline has inspired my child to be confident in her worth, whether she struggles to learn certain things or not. She knows she can accomplish whatever comes her way.”

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