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Lifeline is now offering engaging and information trainings for CEU credits!

Our virtual trainings can be done at home or while in the office and are applicable to a range of careers and life focuses.

Positive Psychology Course

Course Summary: Positive psychology, a subfield of psychology, is the scientific study of human thoughts, feelings and behaviors that focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses, and building a good life not just repairing the bad.

Course Objective: Participants will learn about the significant impacts of positive experiences, traits, and how to utilize this theory in their practice with clients, employment satisfaction, and self-care.


Self-Care Course

Course Summary: Self-care is an important part of ensuring the well-being of each one of us. Regular attention to self-care is important, and extra attention is needed in more uncertain times of change.

Course Objective: Participants will learn regular self-care basics and additional techniques to help with newer issues as we deal with the global pandemic.


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